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The mobile app that helps you bridge the gap between earned wages and the cost of living. One of the great services we provide is early access to earned wages. No need to wait for payday! This... and so much more!


I forgot to clock in/out, will my wages still be available?
We use your payroll system to determine available wages. Once your employer's system is updated, our system will sync with it, and the necessary calculations should be performed at that time.
Can GoDo pay me for my commission or tips?
GoDo does not currently support advancing tips or commissions, although these items can be direct deposited into your GoDo card account during your normal payroll cycle.
I work for more than one company. Can I register multiple employers with GoDo?
Yes, you can. The fastest way to do this is through the direct deposit feature found in the GoDo app.
Why is my available balance less than I calculated from my hours worked?
A portion of wages have the ability to be advanced, while the remaining portion is necessary to process via the normal payroll cycle to satisfy mandatory withholding procedures.
Does GoDo sell or share any of my data?
GoDo does not sell your data. The security of your information is our top priority. Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" at the bottom of the website for more detailed information.
Where are GoDo’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy located?
These documents are located in the menu icon of the GoDo app. They are also available online and can be found at the bottom of the website page.
Does GoDo charge overdrafts fees?
No, GoDo accounts do not permit overdrafts to occur. Please refer to the GoDo Fee Schedule for more details.
Can I cancel my transfer request?
GoDo strives to make your money available as soon as possible after a completed transfer request. Therefore, cancellation requests made through support tickets may or may not be honored.
How can Holidays and weekends affect my pay date and my transfers?
Your Employer's pay period does not change when you register a GoDo account. Early access to pay initiated through the GoDo app are typically completed in the same day.
How do I see past transaction activity?
All transactions, inclusive of spending, payments, and advances, can be found in the "Your Money" Section of the GoDo app.
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On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled
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