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Deleting your GoDo account

At GoDo, we take data security seriously and understand the importance of deleting personal information when a user requests account closure. This page explains how to submit a delete account request and what will happen after it has been processed.


To be eligible, you must have no outstanding advances with GoDo. Additionally, all funds currently held in your GoDo account will need to be withdrawn or transferred out of the account. And finally, the account must not have any “pending” transactions. Furthermore, any direct deposit setups that allow funds to be automatically deposited into your GoDo account are suggested to be removed, as you will be responsible for locating those funds with your payroll provider if they are directed toward your closed account. (Note: Commonly, but not guaranteed, they are sent by paper check, when funds are directed to a closed account).

Effects of account Deletion

When your account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access it through the GoDo app. Any cards provided by GoDo will be deactivated and will no longer be valid. Your connection between your employment and GoDo will also be removed, and you will no longer have access to your transaction history.

What data are deleted

After processing your request, GoDo will delete all data associated with your account, including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Employment data

What data are retained

Some of your historical data will be retained for compliance and accounting purposes, but they will be anonymous in our system. Those include:

  • Card transactions
  • Account transactions
  • Support tickets and reviews

How to submit a delete account request via GoDo app

  1. Log in to your account
  2. In the upper right, tap the Support icon (?)
  3. Tap Ask Question button
  4. Enter subject as "Delete Account Request"
  5. Enter the reason for the delete request in the body
  6. Tap on Submit button

How to submit a delete account request via GoDo email

  1. Send an email from the email you have used to sign up to GoDo
  2. Email should be sent to
  3. Subject should be "Delete Account Request"
  4. Body should contain the following as you have provided during signup to GoDo
    • Full Name
    • Phone number
  5. Optionally include any reasons for the delete request

Account deletion process

Once we receive your request, we will process it and verify if your account is eligible for deletion. During this time, we may send an OTP to your phone and contact you to verify the code. Please note that data will be removed within 7 days, except for first and last name. Due to regulatory reporting, the first and last name will be removed in 45 days or less.

In addition to deleting your data at GoDo, we will also request all 3rd parties that we’ve shared your data with to delete which will be governed by their own privacy policies.

By following these steps and understanding what happens after submitting a delete account request, you can confidently manage your GoDo account with peace of mind about your personal information security.

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