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Payday for your employees

GoDo is focused on increasing the purchasing power of your employees money by giving them on-demand access to their earned wages and providing access to extensive discounts on goods and services.

Designed for employees in collaboration with mastercard
Payroll Transfer Fee

GoDo's Advance Transfers are Fee-Free!

We're the industry's BEST zero-transfer fee solution for employers and employees. Unlike other providers, GoDo does not charge for payroll transfer fees or any other common fees.
GoDo's fee-free transfer service to employees and employers:
Leaves more disposable income for employees
Allows a fee-free benefit for employers to offer

Why it matters for your business?

GoDo’s state-of-the-art technology provides the only FREE and global same-day payment solution on the market. We make partnering with us seemless. GoDo benefits both employers and employees.
Rapid Integration
Dashboard & Reporting
Improved Cashflow
Available Balance

Rapid integration into your time & attendance vendor

In collaboration with you, GoDo handles the integration into your time and attendance and payroll software
Integration allows complete automation so there’s no extra work for you
GoDo works with your software vendors to ensure a hassle free integration process
Integration is cost free
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Employee rentention

Full visibility dashboard for easy reporting.

GoDo provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows employers to better understand earned pay consumption and how it relates to employee engagement and retention.
See how retention of employees using GoDo compares to those employees who are not
Compare your company employee retention to others in the same industry
Monitor transfer amounts and frequency
See how much of your payroll GoDo floats for you each pay cycle
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FDIC insured up to

Regulatory Compliant.

A payroll card that is fully compliant with state and federal regulations.
FDIC insured to $250,000 per employee
GoDo works with its partners to ensure that every aspect of state and federal regulatory requirements are met
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Invoice Amount

GoDo floats your payroll freeing up cashflow

GoDo floats employee transferred earned wages from pay cycle to pay cycle at no cost to you
You only pay the difference between what has been drawn down by the employee and what they’re owed
GoDo invoices you for the amounts drawn down by your employees at the end of the pay cycle and gives you 30 days to pay the invoice, leaving the difference in your account for the intervening duration
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Time Clocked On

No Payroll Changes Required

GoDo has been designed to integrate with your existing time and attendance and payroll solutions so there’s no requirement to change existing processes.
Easy integration with existing payroll software
Access your wages as soon as you’ve finished work
Never fall behind on payments

Employee Satisfaction Improves the Bottom Line

GoDo is focused on your employee’s financial well being. Why make them wait for their wages? You’ll reap the rewards with their willingness to put in extra hours and effort. Offer GoDo to see productivity soar!
Increased willingness to work extra hours
Higher levels of motivation
Improve overall job performance
Requested Wages

Adoption Rate

Employers not embracing on-demand earned pay are at a competitive disadvantage.

Higher Retention

Employers using GoDo experience up to 40% higher retention rates resulting in significant hiring savings.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees love GoDo. Having immediate access to earned pay improves overall employee satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

GoDo provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows employers to better understand earned pay consumption and how it relates to employee engagement and retention. 

GoDo provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows employers to better understand earned pay consumption and how it relates to employee engagement and retention.
Higher levels of motivation
Higher levels of motivation
Higher levels of motivation

Progressive Employment Practices Improve Human Resource Acquisition

Employees expect improved employment practices and engagement models. By using GoDo, employers demonstrate a willingness to optimize employee experience making it easier to hire best in class employees.
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  • Total employees
  • Less than $15/hr
  • Adoption Rate
  • Reduced Business Costs
Ongoing Fees

Easy Rollout, Let GoDo Do the Work

GoDo handles the rollout for you. We integrate into existing payroll and time and attendance solutions to have you up and running in no time flat. 
No hidden costs or ongoing fees
No changes to your payroll process 
No changes to timing of payroll funds.

At GoDo Security is a Top Priority

GoDo applies a defense in depth security approach and meets the highest security protocols in conjunction with additional encryption layers to ensure integrity and security of data in transit and at rest.
In depth security approach
GoDo is compliant with US privacy and data security laws
We never store banking, login or share personal information
Withdrawal Amount

The GoDo Payroll Card

The GoDo Payroll card is a fully functional debit card that acts as a deposit point for employee wages.
A fully functional debit card that can be used to gain access to cash at ATMs, enables employees to pay bills and perform inexpensive foreign remittance and provides access to discounted goods and services with GoDo partners.
Removes the need to write checks
Can be used to deposit all wages, not just those wages transferred on-demand.
Works in concert with the GoDo mobile app.
Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible
FDIC insured to $250,000 per employee.

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