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Early wage access with zero
cost or integration

GoDo provides earned wage access at no cost to workers or their employers. 
Win the best talent and reduce turnover offering early wage access
Improve your employees cash flow and financial health
Gain productivity by reducing employees financial stress
No payroll changes or technical integration required
Zero cost for your company or your workers

How it Works

GoDo as a Benefit

Offer GoDo as a benefit to your workers with our ready-to-use kit.  No technical integration, payroll changes, or working capital required!

Employees Get Daily Access to Their Pay

Employees link their direct deposit to their GoDo accounts to get daily access to their pay- at no cost- and without using your operating capital.

They Use Their Mastercard Debit to Pay Bills or Make Purchases

Access is provided with a GoDo Mastercard® Debit Card to use wherever they shop or pay.  

Reduce Financial Stress

You reduce financial stress and build employee loyalty.

Your Employees Get Access to Their Pay

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See How Much is Available
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Connect Direct Deposit to Maximize Benefits
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Enter the Amount You Want Today
Payroll Transfer Fee

GoDo's Advance Transfers at No Cost

We're the industry's BEST zero-transfer fee solution for employers and employees. Unlike other providers, GoDo does not charge payroll transfer fees or monthly account  fees.

GoDo’s no transfer fee service to employees and employers:
Leaves more disposable income for employees
Allows a no cost benefit for employers to offer

Why it matters for your business?

GoDo’s state-of-the-art technology provides the only ZERO fee and same-day advance transfers in the market. We make partnering with us seamless. GoDo benefits both employers and employees.
Improve Employee
Productivity & Satisfaction
Increase Employee Benefits
At No Cost & No Capital
No Payroll Changes
Calculate Your
Business Results
Requested Wages

Employee Satisfaction Improves the Bottom Line

GoDo is focused on your employee’s financial well being. Why make them wait for their wages? You’ll reap the rewards with their willingness to put in extra hours and effort. Offer GoDo to see productivity soar!
Increased willingness to work extra hours
Higher levels of motivation
Improve overall job performance
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Advanced Amount

GoDo floats your payroll  with no capital from you!

GoDo floats employee transferred earned wages from pay cycle to pay cycle at no cost to you or your employee.
Unlike other providers, GoDo charges ZERO fees to employers to offer, and for employees, advance transfers happen at no cost
GoDo floats your payroll, without using your operating capital
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Easy as:
1. Download
2. Register
3. Access

No Payroll Changes Required

Employees download and registering via a
mobile app! Simple!
Our advanced technologies allows GoDo to provide our services without cumbersome integrations
There are no payroll changes for you to make or time consuming projects for the employer or employee
Allow us to help you roll-out and communicate with your employees
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Improving Recruitment and Retention Improves Your Bottom Line

Employees expect improved employment practices and engagement models. By using GoDo, employers demonstrate a willingness to optimize employee experience making it easier to hire best in class employees.
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Withdrawal Amount

The GoDo Card

The GoDo card is a fully functional debit card that acts as a deposit point for employee’s advanced wages.
A fully functional debit card that can be used to gain access to cash at ATMs, enables employees to pay bills and perform inexpensive foreign remittance
Removes the need to write checks
Can be used to deposit all wages, not just those wages transferred on-demand
Works in concert with the GoDo mobile app
Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible
FDIC insured to $250,000 *
* Deposits are FDIC insured through Sutton Bank Member FDIC

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