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Get Paid... Early and Fast!

Access up to $500 before payday at no charge- ZERO fees or interest
Tap into funds you've earned as soon as your next shift*
Avoid costly payday loans, expensive overdrafts, or asking your manager for an advance
Download the app to get started- no credit check required
Help other food service workers get ahead when you use the GoDo Giving Kitchen Debit Mastercard (R) issued by Sutton Bank
* Subject to your employer's time clock system
Designed for wage earners in collaboration with Mastercard
Thousands are now accessing their wages early & it’s putting an end to pay day loans for good.
It really works! & it’s free
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Wow! Makes my life a lot easier
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How it Works

Download App & Register

Download GoDo mobile app and create an account

Access Wages Immediately

Connect your direct deposit account to see how much pay you can access before payday

Receive Your GoDo Giving Kitchen Mastercard

Once you've funded your account, you'll receive a GoDo Mastercard® Debit Card instantly to your phone

Your Advance is Repaid  on Payday

Your advance is repaid on payday when your direct deposit is received in your GoDo account

GoDo for Restauranteurs

Get all of the benefits of early wage access for free- it's as easy as hitting "forward" on your Welcome email.
Research has proven employees prefer jobs that offer early wage access and are more likely to stay
Get started today with no payroll changes or working capital required.
Eliminate the headache of giving and tracking advances yourself.
See for yourself by contacting us for your easy-to-use kit today OR simply share the app with your workers
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Proudly Supporting        Giving Kitchen

Giving Kitchen (GK) is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources. Their goal is to create a food service community in which crises are met with compassion and care. Learn more or ask for help at
A portion of every transaction made on the GoDo Giving Kitchen Debit Mastercard is donated to Giving Kitchen
Help other food service workers get ahead and achieve stability
Learn more or ask for help from Giving Kitchen
Co-Founder + Senior Director of Community Engagement and GK spokesperson Jen Hidinger-Kendrick with Executive Director Bryan Schroeder

GoDo Team

James Ray
Jason Dell
Mark A. Spurgeon
Laura Pratt
Tim Connors
Megan Hanley
Jonathan Murphy

Get Started


How do I create an account and how long does it take to get started?
To get started, download the GoDo app to your iPhone or Android device, and register with GoDo. Once the account is established, you will instantly receive a virtual GoDo card on your smartphone. At that point, you are ready to go!
How does the app work?
GoDo retrieves your wage and shift data. A percentage of earned wages is then calculated and made accessible within the GoDo app. GoDo processes transfer requests made in the app and is reimbursed through direct deposit at the end of each pay period.
Can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my GoDo card?
GoDo is partnered with the MoneyPass® ATM network to provide two (2) no fee withdrawals from in-network ATMs per month. When making cash withdrawals from an ATM, your PIN is required. Out-of-network ATM withdrawals can be made as well. Please review fee chart for charges that may apply.
Does GoDo charge fees ?
GoDo has worked hard to create an account that has minimal to no fees depending on how you use it. For a detailed list of the items please refer to the GoDo Fee Schedule.
Do I need a smart phone to access the app?
Yes, GoDo is available for download in the App Store and Play Store.
Can my employer view my purchases?
No. Purchases made with your GoDo card account are viewable by you via the GoDo app and your GoDo account specialist.
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