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GoDo Messaging Terms and Conditions

By checking the box in the sign up or registration process indicating your agreement to receive recurring automated text or SMS messages about our or our business partners’ products and services, you are agreeing to the following terms.


General Rules. You agree to receive recurring automated text or SMS messages, including text or SMS messages sent using automatic telephone dialing systems by or on behalf of GoDo at the mobile number you provided when signing up or registering, or at any other number that you designate, about our or our business partners’ products and services, including personalized offers and promotions. You may receive messages from GoDo, our agents, representatives, service providers, affiliates, or anyone acting on our behalf and you may receive these messages whether or not you complete the sign up or registration process. Consent to receive automated marketing text or SMS messages is not a condition of any product or service we or our business partners offer. Message and data rates may apply.


Message frequency varies. GoDo reserves the right to change the frequency of messages sent at any time. GoDo also reserves the right to change the code or phone number from which messages are sent and we will notify you when we do so, if we are required to.


Not all mobile devices may be supported and our messages may not be deliverable in all areas. We, our agents, service providers, representatives, affiliates, or anyone acting on our behalf, are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. We are able to deliver messages to the following mobile phone carriers:US Cellular, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others.


Unsubscribing from Messages. Text the keyword UNSUBSCRIBE to our code or phone number to stop or unsubscribe from messages. After texting UNSUBSCRIBE, you will receive one additional message confirming that your request has been processed. You acknowledge that our text message platform may not recognize and respond to unsubscribe requests that do not include UNSUBSCRIBE keyword commands and agree that we, our agents, service providers, affiliates, representatives, or anyone acting on our behalf, have no liability for failing to honor such requests. If you unsubscribe from one of our text or SMS message programs, you may continue to receive text or SMS messages from us through any other programs you have joined until you separately unsubscribe from those programs. 


Help. Text the keyword HELP for help. 


Contact. If you are experiencing any problems or if you would like to contact us, you can reach us through the GoDo mobile application (the “GoDo App”). You may also contact us by calling our toll-free number, 1-844-226-1413 (from within the United States) or 1-832-344-3665 (from outside the United States), 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or emailing us at

Privacy Practices. Please keep in mind that communications over text or SMS may not be secure. If you need to send us sensitive or confidential information, please contact us through the GoDo App or by emailing or calling us. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy

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