GoDo was founded by a group of employers who wanted to provide their employees with real-time earned wages. We’ve created a product that provides access, transparency, and choice to employees. Our comphrehensive suite of tools scales to meet the needs of employers across diverse industries.

Why it matters for your business?

GoDo’s state-of-the-art technology provides the only FREE and global same-day payment solution on the market. We make partnering with us seemless. GoDo benefits both employers and employees.
Rapid integration into your time & attendance vendor
A Full visibility dashboard and easy report generation.
A payroll card service that is fully compliant with state regulation.
Flexible invoicing to extend cashflow.

Does my business qualify?

From retail, restaurants and hospitality to mining, construction and logistics, we've got you covered. GoDo works for any industry.
Don’t have time and attendance vendor? 
Let us get you set up with one of our preferred partners.

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