GoDo Mission

GoDo was founded by a group of employers who wanted to provide their employees with real-time earned wages. We’ve created a product that provides access, transparency, and choice to employees.

Designed for employees in collaboration with Mastercard
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The GoDo Mission

GoDo focuses on monetary value accretion for employees. By creating an ecosystem of vendors who provide extensive discounts to GoDo card holders, and facilitating on-demand access to earned wages, GoDo has created a platform that allows employees to reduce financially related stress, improving employee satisfaction and on-the-job performance. 

At GoDo we continue to develop partnerships that reduce the need for payday loans and facilitate access to a range of best-priced financial goods and services, all with the view of leaving more money in the employees' wallet.

Whether banked or unbanked, GoDo provides the solution for employees to function with equality.

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Non-bank fees are charges that are not related to traditional banking services, such as checking or savings accounts, loans, or credit cards. These fees may be imposed by non-bank financial institutions, such as credit card companies, online lenders, or investment firms, or by other types of businesses, such as retailers, utilities, or service providers.

Non-bank fees can take many forms, including monthly or annual maintenance fees, transaction fees, late payment fees, or fees for special services, such as expedited processing or personalized support. Non-bank fees may also be imposed for the use of certain types of payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, or for the use of certain financial services, such as mobile banking or money transfer apps.

Non-bank fees can vary widely depending on the type of service or product being provided, and it is important for consumers to carefully review the fees associated with any financial product or service before using it. Some non-bank fees may be negotiable, while others may be mandatory or non-refundable. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare fees and terms from different providers to find the best deal.