Early wage access with zero cost or integration

GoDo provides early wage access at no cost to companies like yours- or your workers. It’s simple to get started- just share the app with your team.
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Win the best talent and reduce turnover offering early wage access
Gain productivity by reducing employees financial stress
No payroll changes or technical integration required
Zero cost for your company or your workers
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Designed for wage earners in collaboration with Mastercard
Thousands are now accessing their wages early & it’s putting an end to pay day loans for good.

How it Works

Download App & Register

Download GoDo mobile app here and register your account in the app

Access Wages Immediately

Connect your direct deposit account via GoDo's in-app secure link and see how much you can immediately access at any time

Receive Your GoDo Mastercard

Save or spend your accessed pay on bills or needed purchases via your GoDo Mastercard® Debit Card loaded instantly to your phone

Settle Up When Your Normal Payroll Runs

Settle up when your direct deposit is received into the account and pays the advance amounts

Get Access to YOUR Earned Wages

Step 1
See How Much is Available
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Connect Direct Deposit to Maximize Benefits
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Enter the Amount You Want Today
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Daily access to your earned wages

Gain access to your earned wages immediately, at no cost to you.
Simply request your wages through the GoDo App
Access your wages as soon as you’ve finished work *
Never fall behind on payments
* Subject to your employer's time clock system

The GoDo Card

The GoDo card is a fully functional debit card that acts as a deposit point for your wages.
A fully functional debit card that can be used to access cash at ATMs, to pay bills on-time, and to make needed purchases
Works in concert with the GoDo mobile app
Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible
Banked or unbanked, the GoDo mobile app and card is your one-stop solution for getting more out of your money
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Improve your Credit Score

By using GoDo and gaining daily access to your earned wages you can pay your bills on time and improve your credit score.
Make bill payments on time
Easily transfer wages to your account
Quickly build a responsible payment history
Congratulations! You now have early access to your pay!

Security You Can Depend Upon

GoDo uses the highest forms of security to protect your sensitive information and your deposits.
FDIC insured up to $250,000 **
GoDo is compliant with US privacy and data security laws
** Deposits are FDIC insured through Sutton Bank Member FDIC

GoDo Support

GoDo provides 24x7 support via the GoDo mobile app and its support hot line.
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Customer Support
Real time
earned wages

GoDo Mission

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between wages and the cost of living. In that spirit, GoDo was designed to reduce or totally eliminate fees under normal usage situations, and therefore charges no interest or fees to transfer advances.

When you use your GoDo Mastercard® Debit Card for a purchase, GoDo earns a small fee from the store for the transaction. This allows GoDo to provide the no cost advance transfers our cardholders enjoy.
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GoDo Team

James Ray
Jason Dell
Mark A. Spurgeon
Laura Pratt
Tim Connors
Megan Hanley
Jonathan Murphy


How do I create an account and how long does it take to get started?
To get started, download the GoDo app to your iPhone or Android device, and register with GoDo. Once the account is established, you will instantly receive a virtual GoDo card on your smartphone. At that point, you are ready to go!
How does the app work?
GoDo retrieves your wage and shift data. A percentage of earned wages is then calculated and made accessible within the GoDo app. GoDo processes transfer requests made in the app and is reimbursed through direct deposit at the end of each pay period.
Can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my GoDo card?
GoDo is partnered with the MoneyPass® ATM network to provide two (2) no fee withdrawals from in-network ATMs per month. When making cash withdrawals from an ATM, your PIN is required. Out-of-network ATM withdrawals can be made as well. Please review fee chart for charges that may apply.
Does GoDo charge fees ?
GoDo has worked hard to create an account that has minimal to no fees depending on how you use it. For a detailed list of the items please refer to the GoDo Fee Schedule.
Do I need a smart phone to access the app?
Yes, GoDo is available for download in the App Store and Play Store.
Can my employer view my purchases?
No. Purchases made with your GoDo card account are viewable by you via the GoDo app and your GoDo account specialist.
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Non-bank fees are charges that are not related to traditional banking services, such as checking or savings accounts, loans, or credit cards. These fees may be imposed by non-bank financial institutions, such as credit card companies, online lenders, or investment firms, or by other types of businesses, such as retailers, utilities, or service providers.

Non-bank fees can take many forms, including monthly or annual maintenance fees, transaction fees, late payment fees, or fees for special services, such as expedited processing or personalized support. Non-bank fees may also be imposed for the use of certain types of payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, or for the use of certain financial services, such as mobile banking or money transfer apps.

Non-bank fees can vary widely depending on the type of service or product being provided, and it is important for consumers to carefully review the fees associated with any financial product or service before using it. Some non-bank fees may be negotiable, while others may be mandatory or non-refundable. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare fees and terms from different providers to find the best deal.