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focused wage access solution

The FREE mobile app that gives you daily access to earned wages + instant cashback & discounts when you shop.

Designed for employees in collaboration with mastercard





Withdrawal Amount

Employer Portal

GoDo allows Employers to manage how their employees use GoDo. Customizable employee withdrawal limits prevent overdraft of wages.
Receive missed timeclock alerts
Track GoDo usage overall and at the individual level
Compare employee retention over time
Conduct employee surveys and stay on top of your business with GoDo’s analytics dashboard.

Employer Access

Transfer requests are made via the GoDo Cash mobile app, available for download in AppStore and Play Store. 
Fast integration into time and attendance software
Employees will have access to wages in as little as a day after completing the registration process.
Never fall behind on payments
Requested Wages
Available Balance

It's Simple to Get Started

Download the GoDo Cash App on AppStore or Play Store from you mobile device. Enter in the Authentication Code from your invitation email and complete the registration process. That’s it! 
Simply request your wages through the GoDo App
Access your wages as soon as you’ve finished work
Each day you work we’ll adjust your Available Balance based on your new wages and transfers.

No Payroll Changes Required

GoDo has been designed to integrate with your existing time and attendance and payroll solutions so there’s no requirement to change existing processes.
Easy integration with existing payroll software
Access your wages as soon as you’ve finished work
Never fall behind on payments
Payment recieved

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